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Our team believe that problems are solved and objectives are met when energy is put into the project right from project inception. Engco provides a safe pair of hands, with advice that ensures projects are thought-out and on track from the beginning.

Engco’s tight knit team of 43 includes chartered engineers, design engineers, CAD technicians, geotechnical engineers and outstanding support people.

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Meet our directors:

Matt Cusiel - ENGCO

Matt Cusiel_ Director/Structural Engineer

No one thinks outside the box quite like Matt. With literally hundreds of projects under his belt, Matt is technically brilliant. An intricate knowledge of the building code and an eye for detail enables Matt to provide a level of service unmatchable in this industry.

For clients looking for robust answers during a due diligence process or during detailed design, Matt’s experience is immensely valuable.

BE(Hons), CMEngNZ, CPEng, IntPE

021 405 230

Andrew Lind - ENGCO

Andrew Lind_ Director/Structural Engineer

A leader in the field of soil-structure interaction and geotechnics, Andy uses his experience to provide immense value and construction cost savings to clients. Having cut his teeth on multimillion dollar civil engineering projects, Andy understands the importance of robust contract administration.

Years working on international projects have equipped him with the ability to approach problems from a new angle to deliver innovative solutions to common problems, often leaving others wondering why they didn’t think of that. Our clients love Andy for his ingenuity.

BE(Hons), CPEng, IntPE(NZ), CMEngNZ

027 545 5494

Julian Addington - ENGCO

Julian Addington_ Director/Structural Engineer

Julian’s energy and personable nature drives Engco’s communication integrity. His keen eye for innovative solutions provides our clients with outstanding results at the best cost.

Julian is a master at practical detailing. As a result, he has become a target for design and build contractors, understand the significant benefits of engaging an engineer for efficient and practical construction details.

BE(Hons), CPEng, CMEngNZ, Dip. Eng (Mech)

021 240 0877

Meet our Senior Team:

Tim Niven - ENGCO

Tim Niven_ Queenstown Manager/Structural Engineer

Tim moved to run our Queenstown office in April 2017. After several requests from existing clients to assist in the Southern Lakes district, our Queenstown area office now works across both the commercial and residential sectors.

Tim’s focus on technical design, solutions and analysis, along with multi-storey timber structures, back up his team’s broad spectrum experience.

BE(Hons), MEng NZ

027 531 0741

Pavan Aninthaneni - ENGCO

Pavan Aninthaneni_ Auckland Manager/Technical Director

PK is a Chartered Professional Engineer with over 10 years’ experience in the structural design and construction monitoring of low to medium-rise buildings and heavy engineering industrial structures.

As a technical director and part of ENGCO’s Business Development team, PK is responsible for leading the design team and is Manager of the Auckland office.

PhD (Civil/Earthquake Engineering), Masters in Structural Engineering, BE(Civil Engineering), CPEng NZ, IntPE(NZ), CMEngNZ

027 531 0791

Simon Parkes - ENGCO

Simon Parkes_ Nelson Manager/Structural & Civil Engineer

Simon is a chartered professional structural and civil engineer. He is responsible for the delivery of green & brown field land developments, residential, commercial and industrial projects throughout NZ. With his multi-disciplinary engineering background, Simon provides valuable cross-discipline support and coordination internally and externally between stakeholders.

As Manager of our Nelson office, Simon is responsible for coordination and completion of engineering projects across to the top of the south region, facilitating and championing engineering support to clients in that region.

BE(Hons) Civil Engineering, CPEngNZ, CMEngNZ

027 531 0755

Josiah Thompson_ Technical Director/Structural Engineer

Josiah is our Technical Director at Engco and is responsible for leading the structural design and delivery of commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Josiah’s key experience includes 3D structural analysis and design of multi-storey steel and concrete structures, including innovative low damage structural systems.

BE(Hons), CPEng, CMEngNZ, National Cert. Carpentry

027 305 7132

Mike Cusiel - ENGCO

Mike Cusiel_ Structural Engineer (Associate)

Mike has extensive experience in designing with a range of construction methods, including engineered timber and pre-fabricated construction.

BE(Hons), CPEng, CMEngNZ

021 275 1987